How it Works

 “Transparency through technology”. Through CFEX you are connected to the Listing Real Estate Broker 24/7 and can receive updates and reports from your home, office, or while traveling.


  1. Browse CFEX projects. When you see a project you like follow it so you can receive future updates.
  2. Do your preliminary due diligence; review the projects basic information. If you like the project...
  3. Register with CFEX follow the instructions to gain access to property details and confidential information.
  4. Agree to "Terms of Use"
  5. Agree to terms of "Concept NDA"
  6. Agree to "Real-Estate Confidentiality Agreement"
  7. Agree to Platform Specific "Terms of use"
  8. Provide your personal information and investment preferences (See Privacy Policy).
  9. Depending on the project CFEX might do Anti Money Laundering checks on its investors.
  10. Depending on the project you may need to be an accredited investor.
  11. Select a Real Estate Broker of your choice.
  12. In NO way is this a mandatory requirement. Real Estate Brokers are provided for your convenience. Their purpose is to provide you real-estate guidance and    property information/explanation/evaluation
  13. By choosing a Real Estate Broker you understand the Broker will contact you regarding property information and may receive a referral fee paid by the Seller
  14. You can change your local Real Estate Broker for each property,  "All Real Estate is Local" & "All Real Estate Offices/Brokers are Local" 

To invest enter your desired investment amount.


  1. Sign Documents.
  2. Transfer funds using our secure online tools into a 3rd party escrow account. 

CFEX has made the process of investing simple, fast, ethical and transparent!



The information provided by CFEX is not intended to replace or serve as substitute for any legal, accounting, investment, real estate, tax or other professional advice, consultation or service. The user of this software/system should consult with a professional in the respective legal, accounting, investment, real estate, tax or other professional area before making any decisions. Further, REAL ESTATE BROKERS will not and cannot sell securities or provide securities advice.