Mission Statement


To Provide Real Estate Offices & Brokers a Community With:

      Unit Listing Platform

      Method for Real Estate Brokers “Clients” to Purchase in Units

      Account Management for Listings, Issuers, Clients and Real Estate Offices & Brokers

      Diversity of Properties Regionally/Nationally/Internationally

      REFERAL FEES paid by the seller

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To Provide Investors:

     Safety all Real Estate Investments are ALL Equity NO DEBT

     Returns on their money, for their money and of their money

     Quality all listings on CFEX are reviewed by Real Estate Professionals

     Community invest locally, regionally, nationally or even internationally 

     Simplify the process of funding projects by using Real Estate Brokers to provide guidance

     Streamline the process through cutting edge technology with greater transparency and efficiency

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To Provide Issuers:

Competent real estate advice so their project has the greatest probability of success, whether it’s a Business                  Addition, New Franchise Opportunity, Re-Development, New Development, In Fill Development or anything else  real estate related.

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ANY REAL ESTATE OFFICE/BROKER information and function provided is not intended to replace or serve as substitute for any legal, accounting, investment, real estate, tax or other professional advice, consultation or service. The user of this software/system should consult with a professional in the respective legal, accounting, tax or other professional area before making any decisions. Further, REAL ESTATE BROKERS will not and cannot sell securities or provide securities advice.