Why Brokers Join


Real Estate Offices/Brokers work with Issuers and their clients to facilitate real estate transactions to include listing property and referring clients. All fess paid by the seller.

  • To Grow Their Business: CFEX's "Community" of Real Estate Ofices/Brokers have an alternative method of listing/funding projects and referring clients. Broker's clients can now include unaccredited investors. This is a level of exposure not currently available through traditional marketing.
  • Equity Real Estate Investing: Broker's clients can diversify in community investment-grade properties, they can now buy in units. According to an article published in the Wall Street Journal, UC-Berkeley's crowdfunding research program head, Richard Swart calls real estate the "hottest sector" of the crowdfunding landscape, stating that "it's receiving the most interest and activity".
  • Finance Your Own Projects: Brokers can be the Issuer of their own projects.
  • Clients Can Finance Projects: Broker's clients can be the Issuer of their own projects.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: CFEX's Crowdfunding Platform is designed to make the listing and funding process for an Issuer efficient.
  • Possibilities: The CFEX Platform possibilities are only limited by your own creativity.
  • Broker Representation "New Markets": Local Real Estate Opportunities - Business Startups - Business Expansion - Income Property - Urban Renewal - New Development - Redevelopment - Infill Development- Franchises
  • Experience: Real Estate Brokers can provide real estate expertise/training/guidance to educate the CROWD in key elements of a real estate project.
  • Visability: The CFEX Platform is the "Community" where Real Estate Brokers can connect with thousands of clients ranging from individuals to large institutions.
  • Expanded Client Base: The CFEX Platform opens up new markets for Brokers. Brokers can access the other 97% (unaccredited investor), not just the top 3% (accredited investor).
  • Brokers are trained to sell to the commission. Brokers would make so much more money by selling to the client's ability to buy!

    The information provided by CFEX is not intended to replace or serve as substitute for any legal, accounting, investment, real estate, tax or other professional advice, consultation or service. The user of this software/system should consult with a professional in the respective legal, accounting, investment, real estate, tax or other professional area before making any decisions. Further, REAL ESTATE BROKERS will not and cannot sell securities or provide securities advice.